I’m just a teenage girl, trying to get her thoughts out into the world. I write about pretty much everything: my friends, random stuff in school, the world just generally being mean ect. ect. OH and also I write poetry sometimes. I’d love to meet new people. You’re welcome to stick along for the ride! 😝

Here is an excerpt from my first post pretty much explaining what was going through my head when I created this blog:

I’m not really sure why I created this site, maybe because I’m just lonely, or bored. I’m here sick in my bed right now, attempting to sleep and blowing my nose every three seconds so I guess I just figured: why not? For this site, you can call me Ember (to protect my identity and all that jazz). I’ve been thinking about this a little more, and I guess why I really started this site is because I have a lot to say, and not a lot of people who care to listen. Yup. So you can probably find me here in the future, spewing my thoughts to you with ridiculous amounts of parentheses and run on sentences. And so I guess if anyone does actually end up reading this blog, I’d like to know your opinions, I’d like you to know that I do care what you think, no matter who you are.